Too Much Sugar: 12 Warning Signs Your Body Has

It’s no secret that too much sugar can be bad for your health. Your body will send you these 12 warning signs if you eat too much chocolate and the like.

Maybe you’ve heard that too much sugar damages your skin or that you’re constantly tired of it? However, there are many other warning signs your body will send you if you overdo it with sugar. We have compiled 12 different symptoms for you here that can help you to better understand your body.

Too much sugar: You are constantly hungry

If you constantly eat sugary foods, your blood sugar level will be consistently high. This in turn prevents the sugar or glucose from entering your cells. But they scream for it. This is why your brain signals hunger to you.

You suffer more frequently from bladder infections or fungal infections

It has been found that women who have high blood sugar levels or who suffer from diabetes are more likely to have bladder infections or fungal infections. The reason: The bacteria feel very comfortable in an environment where there is a lot of sugar and multiply quickly here.

Too much sugar: You have to go to the toilet frequently

The more sugar you have in your blood, the more often you have to go to the bathroom because your body is trying to reduce the glucose. He’s trying to restore balance.

Your skin is very dry

This warning sign is a direct result of excessive urination. If your body excretes a lot of fluid, this will also be noticeable on your skin. Incidentally, acne and eczema can also be aggravated or triggered by too much sugar.

You are very often thirsty

This could also be a sign that you are losing an above-average amount of water due to too much sugar in your blood. After all, your body tries to signal to you that it needs more liquid by becoming thirsty.

You find it difficult to concentrate

When your blood sugar levels are high, glucose doesn’t go where you need it most when you need to focus. Your brain is almost empty. As a result, you find it difficult to organize your thoughts.

Too much sugar if you’re constantly tired

When you eat too much sugar and your blood sugar is elevated, you overwhelm your body. Because the sugar or glucose can no longer be properly absorbed in large quantities. So the energy that you could get from it is not used properly. Your cells aren’t getting the power they need. This can manifest itself in you often feeling tired when there is no real reason for it.

You see blurred

If you are dehydrated from high sugar intake, your vision may deteriorate. You may then see things blurry.

Too much sugar: You are often sick

Unfortunately, too much sugar also affects your immune system. If your immune system is weakened by too much glucose, you may be ill more often.

You lose weight quickly

Not only can sugar make you fat, but it can also cause you to suddenly lose a lot of weight. This can happen, among other things, due to the increased loss of fluids.

You are quite moody

Too much sugar can not only trigger mood swings, but also depression and anxiety disorders. Why? Our brain works best when it is always supplied with the same amount of glucose. But if you eat too much sugar, it causes rashes and an oversupply that the brain cannot handle. It also affects your mood.

A possible warning sign, especially in men: impotence

Impotence can be triggered by many different things. For example, good blood circulation and a balanced hormone balance are important if you want to be able to sleep well in bed. However, both of these things can be adversely affected by increased sugar consumption.

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