Tracking Food: The Best Tools and Methods

Food tracking apps

Apps can be very helpful for tracking your food. You almost always have your own mobile phone with you, so you can simply pull it out and enter what you have just eaten.

Tracking food on paper

You can also create a small nutrition planner in a very old-fashioned way.

  • First, find a notebook or calendar of your choice. You are free to decide what size this medium is and what lines it has inside.
  • Now you can think about how you would like to track the food. For example, you can take a page for each day and then write down what you ate during the day.
  • Note that you will not automatically get the calorie value calculated with this variant. However, this can also be a great advantage if, for example, you want to refrain from pathological eating behavior with calorie restriction.
  • You can also combine the whole thing with photos. Take a picture of everything you eat every day.
  • At the end of the day, you can compile these photos into a small collage, print them out and then stick them in your food diary.

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