Fondue: This Meat Is Suitable

Suitable meat for fondue

Poultry, pork, beef, and game are generally suitable for fondue.

  • When choosing the meat, you should make sure that it is suitable for pan frying. For poultry, that means you should opt for chicken or turkey breast fillet.
  • Pork and beef always belong on the table when a fondue is planned. Meat from the hip or back of the animals can be used well, as can fillet.
  • If you would also like to offer the game, i.e. meat from deer, deer, or wild boar, choose meat from the back or from the leg.

Party food with small pieces

Once you have found the right meat, it should be properly prepared for the fondue.

  • Cut the meat into small, even cubes. These should have a side length of about one centimeter.
  • This is the right shape and size to simply stick the meat onto the fondue fork and you can. In addition, the meat cooks evenly and quickly.
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