Using Coconut Oil to Lose Weight – is That Possible? Easily Explained

Coconut oil for losing weight sounds paradoxical at first. After all, oil equals fat – and that does the opposite of weight loss. We explain whether coconut oil melts extra pounds.

Lose weight with coconut oil – that’s why it works

  • Coconut oil is valued in cosmetics for its nourishing properties. When cooking, the all-rounder is also versatile.
  • Coconut oil is healthy, but also high in fat. This does not harm the figure – coconut oil contains a lot of medium and short-chain fatty acids.
  • The advantage of these fatty acids: Your liver converts these fatty acids into highly efficient energy. Thus, the fatty acids do not contribute to the formation of body fat, but rather accelerate the breakdown of fat.
  • In addition, your metabolism is boosted and the blood sugar level does not rise, although energy is made available immediately.
  • However, there is a catch to losing weight with coconut oil: It only works if you do not use coconut oil in addition, but only if you use it to replace other, unhealthy fats.
  • You should also look carefully when buying coconut oil. You should find the imprint “cold-pressed”, “native” or “extra virgin” on the product. Then you can be sure that the coconut oil has not been heavily mechanically processed or heated. These important fatty acids would no longer be as effective.

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