What are some traditional Jordanian drinks to try alongside street food?

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Introduction to Jordanian Drinks and Street Food

Jordanian cuisine is a perfect combination of flavors, spices, and aromas that make it stand out among other Middle Eastern cuisines. Street food in Jordan is a must-try, as it offers delicious and authentic dishes that combine the country’s culinary heritage with modern influences. Jordanian drinks are also a crucial part of the country’s food culture, as they complement the flavors of street food and offer a refreshing taste.

Whether you are a foodie or a traveler looking to taste the local cuisine, trying Jordanian street food is a unique experience. And what better way to enjoy it than with traditional Jordanian drinks? Jordanian beverages are diverse, ranging from sweet and fruity to sour and refreshing. They are often made with natural ingredients and have a distinct taste that reflects the country’s culture and traditions.

Popular Traditional Drinks to Pair with Street Food in Jordan

When it comes to pairing drinks with street food in Jordan, there are several options to consider. One of the most popular traditional drinks is Jallab, a refreshing drink made with dates, grape molasses, and rose water. It is often served with ice and topped with pine nuts and raisins, making it a perfect accompaniment to savory street food.

Another popular drink is Tamar Hindi, a sour and tangy drink made from dried tamarind fruit. It is a popular street drink in Jordan, especially during the summer months, as it helps to cool down the body and quench thirst. Tamar Hindi is also a perfect pairing with spicy street food, as it helps to balance the flavors.

Other traditional drinks to try include Sahlab, a creamy and sweet milk-based drink, and Qamardeen, a refreshing apricot-flavored drink. Both are widely available in street markets and offer a unique taste that complements Jordanian street food.

Exploring the Flavors of Jordan: An Overview of Traditional Drinks and Street Food Combos

Pairing traditional Jordanian drinks with street food is an excellent way to explore the country’s diverse flavors. Some popular street food dishes to try include Falafel, a deep-fried chickpea patty served in a pita bread with hummus and vegetables, and Shawarma, a Middle Eastern wrap made with marinated meat, vegetables, and sauce.

For a perfect pairing with Falafel, try Jallab or Sahlab. The sweetness of the drink balances the savory flavors of the falafel and hummus, while the pine nuts and raisins add a crunchy texture. For Shawarma, Tamar Hindi or Qamardeen are great options, as they add a sour and refreshing taste that complements the spiciness of the meat.

In conclusion, trying traditional Jordanian drinks alongside street food is a must-do when visiting the country. With a wide range of flavors and combinations, Jordanian drinks offer a unique taste that complements the country’s diverse culinary heritage. Whether you prefer sweet, sour, or creamy drinks, there is a perfect pairing for every street food dish in Jordan.

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