What Do You Eat With Chicken? 21 Perfect Sides

A crispy roast chicken, spicy chicken thighs, or a fine chicken schnitzel always tastes good. But only with the right side dishes does it become a truly perfect meal. We show you 21 perfect chicken side dishes from different potato variations to vegetables and salad to the right sauce.

Something for everyone

Some people prefer this, others that, and some prefer to eat a combination of different chicken side dishes. Especially when a larger group is sitting at the table, it makes sense to serve different side dishes with roast chicken & Co. so that everyone is satisfied. But even those who eat alone like variety on the plate and can choose between various perfect chicken side dishes.

Tip: If vegetarians or vegans are eating, a large selection of side dishes is simply ideal. So you don’t have to cook a second main course, but the various side dishes serve as a small, meat-free buffet.

Potatoes as a side dish

The classic side dish: the potato. The earthy tuber is also super versatile. Fried, mashed, baked, or simply boiled. She is simply the all-rounder.


The classic – not only at the snack bar but also at home, because the delicious, fried potato sticks are simply ideal with a roast chicken or a chicken schnitzel. Those who like to eat with their fingers will get their money’s worth here because that’s how fries simply taste best, don’t you think?

Fried potatoes

Very tasty, really nice, and crispy fried potatoes from the pan.

Potato gratin

Do you like it a bit creamier, like soul food? Then we recommend a creamy gratin with cheese as a potato side dish with your roast chicken.

Salt potatoes

Also a classic potato side dish of German cuisine that always tastes good. Today, boiled potatoes are a bit out of fashion, but they go very well with chicken – preferably with a sauce.

Potato wedges from the oven

Chicken side dishes can also cook in the oven with the meat – simply slide potato wedges, cut into wedges, and seasoned to taste, on a baking sheet into the oven.

Crispy baked potatoes

Potato salad

The classic potato salad, whether with mayonnaise or a vinegar-oil dressing, always works and is one of the chicken side dishes that you should definitely try. Do you like it healthy? Then try a potato and cucumber salad, which performs significantly better in terms of calories.

Vegetables as a side dish

Would you like to prepare a really healthy dish? Then plan vegetables as a side dish for your chicken. How about mushrooms from the pan or a vegetable mix from the oven?

Vegetable mix from the oven:

Absolutely healthy and delicious, I promise! You are flexible when choosing your oven vegetables – peppers, onions, carrots, parsnips – take what you like best, preferably in combination with potatoes.


A little unusual as a vegetable side dish with chicken, but really tasty are mushrooms sautéed in butter, which are best refined with a touch of garlic.

Braised onions

Whether red onions, white onions, or shallots – a large pan full of braised vegetables is one of those chicken side dishes that you don’t eat every day, but that go wonderfully with the tender meat.

Salad as a chicken side dish

No matter what you eat with chicken – a salad always goes well with it! It gives your dish the right freshness and provides you with vitamins. Or would you prefer a pasta salad? Here you will find our favorite salads:

Tomato salad & cucumber salad

Healthy, fresh, and delicious – and preferably with small diced onions. This guarantees freshness on the plate!

Green salad

Lettuce or a mix of different greens is healthy, low in calories, and can be served with your choice of dressing.


Especially popular in the USA, a salad of finely grated white cabbage and a few carrots tastes great with chicken. Best with fries, by the way!

Tip: If you want to be quick, we recommend using pointed cabbage for your coleslaw.

Pasta salad

Everyone has their favorite recipe for this, right? As an accompaniment to chicken, they all work, more or less healthy.

Chicory salad

Nice and fresh and crisp, a bit bitter. So this salad is also one of the perfect side dishes for chicken – like a few (canned) tangerines.

Sauce as a chicken side dish

Dipping or Dipping: Whatever you call it, sauces and dips are important and they also take your chicken to the next level. Whether unusual plum ketchup, a classic mayonnaise, or the spicy Vietnamese dip – everything is allowed here.


Nothing works without this classic – ketchup simply cannot be missing from a fried chicken.

Brown sauce

If you want to serve a real sauce with the roast chicken, you should definitely put it on the table, otherwise, the crispy skin will soften in no time.


Especially when fries are served with the chicken, many swear by mayonnaise, in which the meat can of course also be dipped.

Curry sauce

In terms of taste, curry also goes very well with chicken, but more in combination with fruit or fine vegetables with schnitzel, less so with roast chicken or chicken thighs.

Hot sauce/dip

A spicy dip goes just as well with fried chicken as ketchup – just give it a try.

Whatever works

Do you know that from the past – a delicious roast chicken that is simply served with white bread or a fresh roll? If chicken side dishes such as your favorite potato side dish, salad, or vegetables make the dish a wholesome meal, roast chicken also tastes good with bread, of course. A fast number and still a classic!

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