What Goes Well With Chili Con Carne? 23 Perfect Side Dishes

Hot thing! A tasty chili is always a good idea. But what is there to that? In this article, we will show you our “hottest” chili con carne side dishes.

Chili con carne side dishes

You’ve dug out your favorite recipe for chili con carne again and are wondering what to add to it. Fortunately, the selection is large and varied! From baguettes and bread to unusual fries and spicy dips: We’ll give you an overview of our absolute favorites, which we’re sure you’ll like too!

Great Potato

What should definitely not be missing in a list of side dishes? That’s right, the potato! The delicious tuber from the earth is super versatile and can be adapted to (almost) any dish. It is also often served with chili, often even prepared directly in the chili pot. We like the tuber best as:

  1. Homemade fries
  2. Sweet potato fries from the oven
  3. Salt potatoes

Tip: Are you at war with carbohydrates? Of course, we still have the right thing for you, because even homemade carrot fries with little carbs cut a great figure as a chili con carne side dish!

Rice rice baby

If you don’t like the potato with the chili, you’d rather use rice. The small grains not only go well with Asian cuisine, but are also the perfect accompaniment to the popular minced meat dish! The best varieties for chili are:

  1. Pointed long grain rice
  2. wild rice
  3. brown rice

Tip: Complications during preparation? We’ll show you how to cook rice properly!

Chili con carne side dishes from the bakery

How that smells! A lot of great chili side dishes are also kneaded in our eat bakery! Freshly baked bread and baguettes are particularly popular. You can find our best side dishes made from flour, yeast and co. here:

  1. Quick rye bread with sourdough
  2. Rye bread with yeast
  3. Plain white bread
  4. Flatbread from the pan
  5. Homemade potato buns
  6. Crispy Swiss Bürli
  7. Tortilla wraps

By the way: Don’t feel like wraps? Tortilla chips are also great to dip in the chilli and if there is any leftovers, they are also the perfect couch snack.

Side dishes for extra freshness

Would you like some extra freshness? For sure! For many chilli lovers, a fresh salad is simply a must. Not a bad idea when the main actor is already so hot. Our suggestions for you are:

  1. Tomato salad with onions and mozzarella
  2. Colorful lettuce
  3. Fresh lettuce

Holy Guacamoly!

What is butter for bread for some is a delicious dip for chili for others. With mild variants such as sour cream or quark, you can take some of the heat out of the dish. If it can’t be spicy enough for you, you can add the ultimate spiciness to your chilli con carne with guacamole. Try it out and find your favorite topping:

  1. guacamole
  2. Sour Cream
  3. Herb quark
  4. Sour cream dressing
  5. sour cream

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