Healthy Eating: Family Recipes And Tips

A balanced diet with delicious family recipes – with us you will find out how young and old get their money’s worth! And with the right tips for a healthy diet in the family, the path to more vegetables & co. will be even easier.

Balanced nutrition thanks to simple family recipes

Nutrition and health go hand in hand. A balanced diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals, which is varied and needs-based, sounds natural at first as the right way. However, this goal seems complicated, especially for families with a tight schedule. With the right recipes, nobody has to do without an optimal supply of nutrients – on the contrary. If you don’t have much time in the morning, it’s worth preparing breakfast the night before. Overnight oats, for example, are ideal here. Soaked oats overnight are super healthy, family friendly, and filling. The best thing about it: oatmeal recipes are particularly varied. Because you can vary the ingredients again and again, so that there is no boredom on the table. For example, try overnight oats with berries: You can modify the recipe as needed and according to taste. If you are out and about at lunchtime, the best way to avoid unhealthy snacks is to bring your own food, such as a salad in a glass. Time is short in the evening and the children are hungry? With a delicious pita bread with red cabbage you can ensure a healthy meal in just ten minutes. Even classic dishes such as pancakes can be prepared healthier by varying them and adding vegetables. That sounds good – and are you looking for more inspiration for healthy eating for your family? Here are our family recipes.

Tip: When shopping, focus on seasonal and regional products whenever possible. We have developed our seasonal calendar so that you can easily find and recognize them. With just a few clicks you can find out more and do something good for your health and the environment. You can also find more information worth knowing about healthy nutrition and tips under “Conscious nutrition”.

Healthy nutrition: take good care of children

Children’s nutrition often raises questions for many parents. What should the little ones eat best? Does a weekly plan for the family have to be drawn up for a healthy diet? Or are there also quick recipes that are healthy and suitable for the little ones? Because we know how urgent these issues are for parents and families, you will find our own guides on them. Discover, for example, how to start with complementary foods and how you can ensure healthy meals with delicious baby food recipes. Our simple children’s recipes tell you how to ensure a suitable supply of nutrients throughout the day and, for example, how to prepare a variety of sandwiches for kindergarten and school.

Tip: Healthy eating according to plan and with effort? There is a much simpler way: children who are introduced to the taste of fresh fruit and vegetables at an early age are more likely to eat both later. With older children, it is also advisable to involve them in the topic of food. Cooking with children is not only useful for a wholesome diet, it is also fun for the little ones. Healthy eating is part of the family – right from the start.

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