What is Gustin? Easily Explained

What Gustin is is easily explained

Gustin is a binder made by the brand name Dr. Oetker will sell. What is meant by this, however, is nothing more than fine cornstarch.

  • Since Gustin has been around for over a hundred years, it is often referred to by name in older recipes and cookbooks. The modern recipe description only requires fine food starch.
  • This corn starch consists of pure corn starch that has been extracted from the corn using a specific industrial process. The consistency is very fine.
  • Cornstarch is used in baking to give baked goods a special flavor. Some cooks also use fine white powder in desserts.
  • Fine cornstarch is also suitable for binding sauces.

similar products

If you don’t have Gustin from Dr. If you buy Oetker, you can also use products from other manufacturers.

  • The products from Maizena or Mondamin, for example, are also suitable. In principle, “fine cornstarch” is written on each pack as an additional designation, so that you can use it to access any other related product.
  • In the table of contents, you can also make sure that corn starch has been processed. So you can be sure that you are purchasing a similar product to Gustin.
  • All products have the property that they are gluten-free. Therefore, you can safely use cornstarch if you suffer from a celiac allergy.
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