What Makes Soy So Valuable For Vegans?

Soy represents a valuable contribution to a vegan diet because soybeans are very rich in protein. Prepared ready to eat, the protein content is around 9 percent. The protein it contains can be easily absorbed and utilized by the body. Since vegans don’t eat protein from meat or dairy products, it’s important to get protein from plant sources when following a vegan diet.

In the human body, proteins are responsible, among other things, for building up and renewing the body’s own protein compounds. These include a large part of the human body such as muscles, skin, hair, organs, blood cells, or hormones.

100 grams of dried soybeans contain 35 grams of protein, prepared or cooked it is still 15 grams. Soy-based and fried tofu contains 16 grams of protein. With soy milk, the protein content is significantly lower at only 3 percent.

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