What Vitamin Protects the Body From Dangerous Atherosclerosis – The Answer of Scientists

This vitamin comes mainly from vegetables and vegetable oils, as well as from meat, eggs, and some well-fermented foods (such as cheese).

People who eat a diet rich in vitamin K have a 34% lower risk of deadly cardiovascular disease associated with atherosclerosis.

Scientists at Edith Cohen University (USA) studied data on more than fifty thousand people who participated in the long-term Danish Diet, Cancer, and Health study over a 23-year period. Foods contain two types of vitamin K: vitamin K1 comes mainly from vegetables and vegetable oils, and vitamin K2 is found in meat, eggs, and fermented foods (such as cheese).

As a result, it turned out that people with the highest intake of vitamin K1 were 21% less likely to be hospitalized with cardiovascular disease associated with atherosclerosis, while the risk of hospitalization was 14% lower for vitamin K2. This lower risk was observed for all types of atherosclerosis-related heart disease, especially for peripheral artery disease (34%).

According to scientists, Vitamin K works by protecting against calcium buildup in the main arteries. And this usually leads to the calcification of blood vessels.

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Written by Emma Miller

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