When to Plant Carrots in 2023: Best Timing for a Good Harvest

Landowners have a lot of work to do in April. This month begins the season of planting and sowing. Carrots are one of the main vegetable crops that are sure to be planted on the plot

When to plant carrots in April 2023

Carrots are considered a hardy crop and can tolerate spring frosts. However, you should not hurry with planting carrots, otherwise, they can rot.

Plant carrots when the soil temperature reaches +3 … +6°C. For this, the air temperature needs to reach +12° for a few days. In Ukraine, the weather will be suitable from around April 10, but in the middle of the month, there may be night frosts. So you can plant carrots in the ground in the second half of April or early May.

According to folk omens, you can plant carrots in the ground when the mother-and-bloodwort blooms.

When to plant carrots in spring on the lunar calendar

Choosing the right time for planting will help not only the weather forecast but also the lunar calendar. Some days of the lunar calendar are considered more or less productive.

The following dates are considered good for planting carrots:

  • April: 13, 17-18, 22-23;
  • May: 4, 8, 14, 18-20, 23-24;
  • June: 10-12, 15-16, 20-21.

You should not plant carrots on such days:

  • in April: 2, 7, 9, 25;
  • in May: 5, 11-13, 30;
  • June: 2-6, 18.

How to plant carrots in the open ground

Choose a flat piece of land without shade. Loosen the soil with a rake, and break up large breasts. Carrot seeds for a better harvest can be soaked in growth stimulants, then 2 hours before planting in water.

Make a furrow in the ground no more than 3 cm deep and sift the seeds 2 cm apart. Cover with earth. If the soil is dry – lightly water it from a watering can. The seeds should be watered every day until the first shoots appear. If a sudden frost arrives, you can cover the area with a film or cloth overnight.

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