Who and Why Shouldn’t be Addicted to Red Meat: An Expert Warned of the Danger

Red meat contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are essential for the immune and nervous systems.

Beef and lamb contain many trace elements necessary for humans: B vitamins, selenium, and iron said nutritionist and gastroenterologist Iryna Berezhna.

According to her, red meat contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are essential for the human immune and nervous systems, so it is recommended not to give up this product, but it is important to adhere to certain standards, Sputnik radio reports.

Red meat: how much is safe for health

It is noted that it is enough for a healthy person to consume no more than half a kilogram per week. But for those who are actively involved in sports, this amount is not enough.

“If you are an athlete and you have high physical activity, you need more red meat than someone who sits at a computer desk all day, because muscles require a huge amount of amino acids,” Berezhna said.

Who is dangerous to be addicted to red meat: an expert’s answer

According to her, people with overweight or cardiovascular diseases should use red meat in their diet in small quantities, avoiding fatty varieties, as the high amount of cholesterol in animal fats can contribute to the formation of plaques in blood vessels.

According to Berezhna, the fact that a small piece of red meat contains the daily requirement of iron also speaks in favor of red meat. It can also be obtained from plant foods, but for this, you will need to eat a kilogram of buckwheat or three kilograms of apples.

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