Why is the Banana Bent? We Have The Explnation

Many wonders why the banana is crooked. There are numerous theories about this on the internet. What is the real reason why bananas are not growing straight, we will tell you in this practical tip?

That’s why the banana is bent

There are many funny theories as to why the banana should be crooked. For example, some claim that the monkeys in the jungle are bored and therefore bend the bananas. This is of course wrong. There’s a very natural reason why bananas grow crooked.

  • The crookedness of the plant is due to the fact that plants always grow towards the light. It’s no different with banana plants.
  • The banana fruits grow to the side of the perennial. As soon as they lose their petals, the fruits straighten up and grow upwards towards the sun.
  • This process then creates the typical curvature of the banana. If the light hit the banana evenly, it would probably not be crooked, but straight.
  • By the way: Not all types of bananas grow crooked, some varieties are actually straight. But the varieties that are known in this country as a table or dessert bananas grow in the direction of the light and thus get their typical crooked shape.

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