Coffee Substitutes: These are The 5 Best Coffee Alternatives

Coffee is part of everyday life for many people, but some consumers are still looking for a substitute. Often because unwanted side effects such as nervousness or high blood pressure occur. In the following, we present 5 waking alternatives to coffee.

Green Tea: A Healthy Coffee Substitute

Just like coffee, green tea also contains the concentration-enhancing and fatigue-inhibiting substance caffeine. However, green tea makes the consumer less restless than coffee because it also contains L-theanine. This substance allows the caffeine in tea to have a milder effect and the one in coffee to have a longer-lasting effect.

  • Green tea has been used in China since the 6th century BC. enjoyed. It is now drunk all over the world. Depending on the variety, green tea differs greatly in terms of caffeine content, with the varieties Gyokuro and Sencha containing the most.
  • In addition to the stimulating effect, the health-promoting effects of tea have also been studied for some time. For example, its positive effect on the cardiovascular system has been proven.
  • Furthermore, green tea can relieve acne and tighten the skin. For this reason, it is now an elementary component in some cosmetic products.

Guarana extract: Amazonian pick-me-up

Guarana is a plant native to the Amazon region which has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Guarana is also becoming increasingly popular in this country.

  • Guarana extract is obtained from the dried and ground seeds previously extracted from the guarana fruit.
  • Like coffee, guarana gets its stimulating effect from the caffeine contained in the extract. In fact, guarana contains about four times as much caffeine as coffee.
  • Nevertheless, guarana has a milder effect, as the effect begins more slowly and lasts longer due to the tannins it contains.

Mate tea: Tasty infusion with tradition

Long before the first contact with Europeans, South America’s natives appreciated the stimulating effect of the caffeine-containing mate bush. Its leaves are infused with tea.

  • Like green tea, mate tea develops its effect more slowly than coffee. There is therefore no energy low after consumption.
  • Tea is particularly widespread in South America. There, the drink enjoys a long tradition and is prepared in a variety of ways that influence the taste.
  • Ready-made tea blends can be purchased in different variants. Some varieties do not smoke the leaves, for example.

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