Why Wipe Windows and Mirrors with Potatoes: Brilliant Results Guaranteed

What to wash closet mirrors, bathroom mirrors, and just a window – we suggest a simple and very cheap tiphack that will save you a lot of effort and nerves.

Thinking about how to remove muddy stains on the mirror at the weekend? Or how to quickly clean plastic windows before the New Year holidays? Here’s a tip on how to do it quickly and cheaply!

Our grandmothers didn’t splurge on the expensive window and mirror cleaners – they used their wits and the tricks they passed on to each other as friends. Most of these wise, long gray-haired ladies still prefer to wash mirrors and windows with cheap, years-tested folk remedies – rather than spend money on dubious, from their point of view, “chemicals”.

Ordinary raw potatoes really can work wonders when cleaning windows and mirrors. The result is so amazing, that most housewives then refuse to wash windows in other ways.

Potatoes are quite a cheap and affordable vegetable: there is hardly a family that does not keep at least a few potatoes in stock.

The method is simple: just cut clean, raw potatoes in half and wipe the window or mirror with these halves. The best way to remove residual potato juice from the surface is to use a microfiber cloth. If you don’t have one, any other cloth will do.

How to wash a mirror with an onion to a crystal shine

In this case, you should act by analogy with potatoes: cut the onion and wipe the desired surface with a slice of vegetable.

Wiping with a weak solution of vinegar will help to remove the specific onion smell.

Polish the whole thing with a soft cloth.

How to clean a mirror with toothpaste

It is better to take tooth powder – and mix it with ammonia one to one. And already with this paste to wipe the surface, until you can clean the window or mirror without streaks.

This folk method is considered the most effective if you need to remove such problematic stains, such as fingerprints, oily cosmetics, or other greasy dirt.

How to wash a mirror with vinegar

Vinegar should be diluted in half with water – and with this mixture wipe the mirror surface.

You can polish it to shine in the end as a special cloth for glass, as well as a simple piece of paper.

How to wash a mirror with salt

First, it is recommended to wipe the glass or mirror of dust with any rag. And only then treat it with strongly salted water.

For a glass of water need one tablespoon of salt – and such a salt solution to wipe the surface.

At the end of the procedure rub the mirror with paper.

How to Clean a Mirror with Alcohol

It is not necessary to use pure alcohol – any alcohol-containing liquid will do: and alcohol, which is not a pity (cheap vodka or old cognac, for example), any drugstore alcohol, or even just plain old cologne of grandmother.

Only wipe the surface dry in this case it is recommended not with a rag, but with paper (newspaper or napkins).

How to wash windows and mirrors quickly with tea brew

You need to brew one glass of strong green tea and add to it a spoonful (tablespoon) of salt.

Rub the mirror surface in this case, it is best to use unnecessary kapron pantyhose.

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