Schuessler Salts: All-Rounders For Beautiful And Healthy Skin

These minerals are all-rounders. More and more people swear by it. We will tell you which Schuessler salts are best suited for which skin problems and other complaints.

Do you have an upset stomach? Do you suffer from milia? Is your last cold still stuck in your bones? Are you prone to dry skin and hair loss? The reason for this can be quite banal: maybe your body just lacks the right salt! More than 100 years ago, the Oldenburg doctor Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler (1821-1898): Almost every disease is based on disturbances in the mineral balance of the cells. Based on this knowledge, he developed his therapy of the healing 12 “salts of life”. With success: More and more people are discovering their power, and Schuessler salts are a hit in pharmacies. The reasons for this are obvious. The mineral salts help with many everyday complaints. They can be taken by adults and children and are free of side effects. Of course, injuries, emergencies, severe inflammation, etc. belong in the hands of doctors. But for many complaints, it is worth trying the Schuessler salts first. Read, what is important and how you can start the year healthy and slim with Schuessler salts.

What are Schuessler salts?

Milk sugar tablets or ointments based on wool wax contain the finest traces of the most important mineral salts such as calcium, potassium, or magnesium in homeopathic dilution. It is now assumed that the Schuessler salts in this extreme dilution pass on self-healing information to the body cells. The body becomes its own doctor, without any side effects. In addition, the Schuessler salts activate the absorption of missing minerals from food.

What are the Schuessler salts made of?

Schuessler salts are obtained from crystals (e.g. silica) and metals (e.g. iron or copper) – each extremely diluted.

How do Schuessler salts work?

Schuessler salts help the body in case of illness to transport minerals back to where it needs them. For example, intestinal cramps are triggered by the fact that the corresponding body cells do not have enough magnesium. Here, for example, the Schuessler salt No. 7 – Magnesium phosphoricum helps: drink one tablet dissolved in hot water 3 times a day, and the magnesium particles get back into every cell – cramps disappear. By the way: Salt No. 7 is also a good anti-stress agent – simply dissolve it in hot water and drink 3 times a day.

Do the Schuessler salts also make you beautiful?

Yes. The salt no. 1 calcium fluoratum strengthens the connective tissue and smoothes the skin. The means no. 9 sodium phosphoricum and no. 10 sodium sulfuricum stimulate the metabolism, transport fat and waste products away, and thus help with a diet.

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