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Smoothies are healthy – that’s a common belief. But how rich in vitamins are the fruit juices exactly and do they keep what they promise? We will tell you in our home tip.

Smoothies are that healthy

Smoothies consist of 100 percent fruit: juice concentrate, pieces of fruit, or puree are used in the preparation.

  • Preservatives are not included, so many people consider the fruit drink to be extremely healthy. We’ll tell you if that’s true.
  • How healthy a smoothie is depends on how it is made.
  • In principle, however, vitamins and secondary plant substances are lost when the fruit is processed.
  • Smoothies are often not only made from the respective fruit but mixed with juice. As a result, other important nutrients are lost.
  • Many smoothies also contain sugar or additives, making the drinks extremely high in calories.
  • If you want to use smoothies, it is best to make them yourself. So you are always on the safe side when it comes to the ingredients.
  • Real fruit is preferable to the drink, as the satiation effect is greater and important nutrients are often located directly under the peel.
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Written by John Myers

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