Asparagus With Rice

Taken together, asparagus and rice stand for particularly light dishes and spring-like aromas. Whether in combination with salmon, as a side dish, or in a creamy risotto: discover tasty asparagus and rice recipes with us!

White Asparagus

White asparagus is available from Germany from around mid-April. The beginning of the asparagus season is like a little festival for real fans of the white root sprouts. The pale vegetable stalks grow underground and must not be exposed to sunlight before harvest, otherwise, they will first turn purple and then green. White asparagus must be peeled whole and should cook a little longer than green asparagus.

By the way: Do the squeak test when you go shopping. Rubbing sticks together should make them squeak, a sign of freshness and quality.

Green asparagus

In contrast to white asparagus, green asparagus grows above ground and only partially or not at all has to be peeled before consumption. Green asparagus tastes nutty and can be used in many ways. Grilled is a real treat. It turns slightly brown when cooked. This can be avoided by quickly blanching and then bathing in ice water.

Fish of all kinds goes well with strong, green asparagus. Fresh herring fillets go well with green asparagus that has been dressed with a quick vinaigrette.

Which types of rice go well with asparagus?

The bitter taste of the white asparagus goes well with brown rice or other long-grain rice varieties such as basmati or jasmine. In general, a combination of jasmine rice, white asparagus, and rich fish such as salmon or char is ideal for a quickly prepared, tasty dish.

With wild rice, you underline the nutty aroma of green asparagus and quickly conjure up a harmonious dish with just a few ingredients. But green asparagus also gets along well with other types of rice. Green asparagus shines in combination with rice, especially in Asian dishes, such as in a Thai curry or with fried noodles and sesame.

Green asparagus is also great for vegetarian sushi. Simply place the cooked sticks in the sticky sushi rice instead of fish and roll them up with dried seaweed leaves.

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