Bavarian Snack: What Does It Include? Ideas And Recipes

No Oktoberfest without a Bavarian snack, it is on every table in the beer garden and it is always good for dinner: join in the feast and let yourself be tempted by our ideas for a Bavarian snack!

Hearty and hearty: Bavarian snacks

Pretzel, obazda, radish – ready? Not at all! There is no single recipe for a Bavarian snack, even in southern Germany people love variety and keep up with the times. Why not try Bavarian tapas as a refined variant. Typical ingredients of the classic Bavarian snack are reinterpreted here and served Spanish style. Those who love it traditional put mountain cheese, salami, obazda with radishes, beer radish (radi), spicy Bavarian pickles, Presssack, and vinegar dumplings on their Bavarian snack board. There are many other delicacies that are suitable as finger food for a Bavarian snack recipe. Meat loaf, raw ham and other smoked foods, liver sausage, cream cheese, lard, sausage salad, and white sausages, for example. It’s less about the what and more about the how!

The atmosphere counts: make your snack cosy

The first rule when it comes to Bavarian snacks is coziness: if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, you’re better off with fast food. The Bavarian enjoys socializing, enjoys his beer in peace and helps himself from time to time to the Bavarian snack buffet, which is set up in miniature in the center of the beer table. Napkins and tablecloths decorated with white and blue diamonds, pretzel stands and of course hearty stone or glass mugs for the beer underline the lovingly put together selection of dishes. It is usually hearty and meaty, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A vegetarian Bavarian snack can be arranged, for example, with hard cheese cubes, sour cheese, obazda, coleslaw, radishes, radishes, grapes and figs.

Warm delicacies become cold

In principle, there is nothing wrong with using Bavarian recipes for warm dishes and serving them as part of a snack. Fried Schupfnudeln and dumplings, for example, also taste cold as snacks. A delicious salad can be made from white sausage, and the hearty roast pork ends up thinly sliced ​​on the snack plate anyway. Oven-fresh, still warm pretzels transport many people to Bavarian culinary heaven – and why not enjoy a couple of buns as a warm dessert? Just enjoy what you like! The main thing is that you take plenty of time for your Bavarian snack.

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