Bitter Substances Against Cravings: These Foods Suppress Appetite

Bitter substances against cravings? Yes, it helps because bitter foods can suppress appetite. We will tell you which foods contain a particularly large amount of bitter substances.

Admittedly, bitter foods are among the foods that take more getting used to, but they are the absolute insider tip for losing weight. Because bitter substances help against cravings for sweets. But what exactly are the reasons and which foods contain a particularly large amount of bitter substances? All information about the simple method to prevent food cravings and to eat healthier.

The function of bitter substances in nature and medicine

Plants produce bitter substances to protect themselves from predators, as they are poisonous. However, the consumption of bitter plants has no negative effect on the human digestive tract. On the contrary: bitter substances calm the gastrointestinal tract, help the stomach, gallbladder, and pancreas to work, and promote digestion. In the case of abdominal health problems, eating bitter foods can therefore help to calm the stomach.

Bitter substances against cravings

Bitter plants not only have a positive effect on our stomachs, but they also help with weight loss. If we consume enough bitter substances, it curbs our appetite and we automatically eat less. As a result, we stay full longer and do not suffer from cravings for chocolate and co.

Foods with bitter substances

These fruits and vegetables contain many bitter substances:

  • grapefruit
  • artichoke
  • arugula
  • chicory
  • Kohlrabi
  • broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • radicchio
  • dandelion

However, the proportion of bitter substances in fruit and vegetables is too low to completely stop cravings.

Bitter drops against cravings

To benefit from the appetite-suppressing effect, it is, therefore, advisable to use bitter drop concentrates. These so-called herbal bitters use bitter substances from a wide variety of herbs and thus help to satisfy hunger.

These herbs are contained in Bitterdrop concentrates:

  • cardamom
  • peppermint
  • fennel
  • yarrow
  • valerian
  • hop
  • oregano
  • milk thistle
  • coriander
  • mugwort
  • Caraway seeds
  • marjoram
  • Angelica
  • Ginger

Bitter drops are available at pharmacies and should be taken before meals to help curb appetite. If you feel cravings, you can also simply grab the drops. Bitter substances from herbs are therefore an absolute insider tip against cravings.

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