Tea To Lose Weight: These 8 Varieties Support The Diet!

Tea is not only delicious and healthy, but it can also be valuable support during a diet. You can find out which tea is suitable for losing weight here.

Not every tea is suitable for a diet. Some types, such as fruit teas, taste good but are unsuitable for losing weight. A strawberry-vanilla tea may be a treat for the palate, but it does not affect our bodies. Nevertheless, any tea is a good alternative to drinks such as cola or lemonade. Provided, of course, that the tea is drunk unsweetened.

Which teas are suitable for losing weight? These 8 varieties have it all!

The ingredients of certain types of tea can support weight loss and thus increase the success of a diet. But which tea helps with weight loss? The following list of the most effective strains reveals it:

1. Mate tea acts as an appetite suppressant

Mate tea is not only a good tea for losing weight, but it also contains a lot of caffeine and thus wakes you up. Due to its bitter substance, mate tea curbs the appetite and thus prevents cravings. The best time to drink mate tea is in the morning and afternoon. This not only gives you a little wake-up kick shortly after getting up and during the midday slump. The appetite suppressant can also delay breakfast and craving for snacks.

2. Green tea is particularly good for losing weight

It is characterized by a tart taste and provides a lot of caffeine: green tea, which originally comes from Japan, is becoming increasingly popular in this country – especially as a healthy coffee substitute. Because green tea not only wakes you up but also provides the body with a lot of valuable nutrients, especially anti-inflammatory and cell-protecting antioxidants.

If you want to lose a few pounds, you have another good reason to rely on green tea – it is particularly easy to lose weight with it. The catechins contained in the tea are said to boost metabolism and support fat loss. Since there are now countless different varieties, the question arises as to which green tea is even suitable for losing weight. Although the ingredients in the different types of tea do not differ, Gyokuro, Sencha, and Benifuuki stand out because they contain a particularly large amount of catechins.

Green tea can theoretically be drunk throughout the day. In the evening, however, the hot drink is not a good idea, as its high caffeine content makes it difficult to fall asleep.

3. Higher calorie consumption from oolong tea

Less well-known than green tea, but no less helpful when losing weight is oolong tea. It is one of the semi-fermented teas and is therefore in the middle of green, non-fermented tea and black, fermented tea in terms of taste. Even more important than the taste is the effect of oolong tea. So he should increase his energy consumption after the meal. Therefore, to consume more calories, you need to do no more than drink tea. In addition, the so-called saponins in the tea cause the intestines to absorb less fat. In China, it is not for nothing that it is often served with greasy dishes. In addition, tea frees our bodies from toxins and has a detoxifying effect.

It is best to drink oolong tea immediately before each meal, but no more than four cups a day. Due to the lower caffeine content, it is also suitable for the evening.

4. Boost metabolism with white tea

Another Chinese tea that is good for weight loss is white tea. Unlike green and black tea, it is produced much more gently. This is also noticeable in the taste. And that’s important because the soft aroma of the tea not only flatters our taste buds and calms the senses, but it also supports the immune system, which sometimes weakens when you’re on a diet. In addition, white tea has three properties that are crucial for losing weight: it stimulates the metabolism, has a draining effect, and can help against food cravings.

You can drink the tea throughout the day. Because our body switches to the fat-burning mode in the evening, you should enjoy a cup or two of white tea, especially in the evening hours. Very important: You should not eat anything after that!

5. Elderberry tea for weight loss: accelerated fat burning

The flowers of the elder tree have been used since ancient times. The mucus, tannins and essential oils of the flowers are said to affect nervousness, sleep problems and infections. In the form of tea, elderflowers also help with slimming. This is due to its thermogenic properties – elderflower creates heat in the body, which kicks up fat burning. Elderflower tea can also score points because it stimulates the kidneys and thus contributes to the drainage of water from the body. You don’t need to drink that much elderberry tea for this – two cups a day are enough.

6. Ginger tea promotes digestion

Ginger tea is truly a true all-rounder. Not only does it strengthen our immune system and help against colds, but it also supports our body in losing weight. It is easy to explain why this is so. The exotic tuber has an invigorating effect on our body; The pungent substances it contains to activate the metabolism and promote digestion. Taken between meals, ginger tea can curb appetite. Pungent substances also do a lot for our health: They not only support the immune system but also inhibit inflammation and promote blood circulation.

Ginger tea is now available in every well-stocked supermarket. Freshly prepared, the tea contains many of its powerful substances. For a liter of tea, simply cut a large piece of ginger into thin slices, pour boiling water over it and leave covered for 15 minutes.

7. Nettle tea dehydrates the body

This slimming tea is particularly suitable for people who cannot tolerate caffeine or simply do not want to take it. The burning effect in our body is similar to that of mate tea or green tea but without the energy boost. Nettle tea also has a draining effect. This is very helpful, especially at the beginning of a diet, and can motivate you to stay on the ball. However, one should not drink too much nettle tea, otherwise, the body can become dehydrated.

Avoid drinking nettle tea right before bed. Because of its draining effect, it can easily happen that your bladder pops up in the middle of the night.

8. Wormwood Tea for Weight Loss? A good choice!

Actually, wormwood is mainly used for gastrointestinal complaints because it has an antispasmodic effect with its bitter substances and essential oils and stimulates the bile. Wormwood tea is not a typical weight-loss tea, but it can accelerate weight loss. Because the bitter substances contained in it curb appetite and get the metabolism going – just like other weight loss teas.

Wormwood tea is a medicinal product, so it should always be taken after consulting a doctor or pharmacist. In general, you shouldn’t drink more than two cups a day.

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