Are Waffles Useful As A Snack?

Waffles are not considered rare dietary products, you can find them in any supermarket and buy them for tea, instead of lunch on a break, take them with you on the road, or give them to children. They are crunchy, with a nice chocolate or dairy filling and an unmatched sweet taste. But not all manufacturers are trying to monitor the purity of the product composition and in recent years waffles often began to glimpse an excessive amount of palm oil and flavorings. Therefore, it is worth to understand the rules of choice, composition, and benefits of this simple treat.

Types of waffles

There are a lot of recipes and ways to prepare this sweetness, and Viennese waffles are very popular – they are served in cafes and restaurants with different toppings.

These waffles in the original recipe are usually served with a soufflé filling with ice cream or coffee. Belgian waffles are very similar to Viennese waffles, American waffles can be salty, and Italian waffles are thin and soft – they are the ones they wrap ice cream balls in in Italy. But then what do we buy in the stores? These are the standard classic waffles, which are not supposed to contain anything harmful. But in reality, things are very different, so we recommend buying waffles from a trusted delivery service, which carefully selects product suppliers and sells only fresh products from proven manufacturers.

The composition of waffles

The classic composition of waffles, which can be made at home, adds only water or milk, flour, sugar, eggs, and starch. The composition of the filling is also chosen to the taste of the hostess, but in the case of purchased waffles manufacturer tries, by all means, to reduce the cost of production and use egg powder instead of eggs and synthetic thickeners instead of starch. This practice is allowed and is not something out of the ordinary, but the composition of the product should always be studied before buying.

It is advisable to avoid waffles that contain:

  • second-grade wheat flour and below;
  • palm oil;
  • Hydrogenated fats (margarine, confectionary fat);
  • Antioxidants in large quantities.

These ingredients can adversely affect the digestive system and even cause allergies. Of course, you won’t eat waffles every day, so the damage from eating a couple of pieces of tea won’t be noticeable, but constant consumption of low-quality cheap waffles can lead to obesity, rashes, and other problems.

The benefits and harms of waffles

The undoubted advantages can be found not only in the taste of the favorite treat, but also in the ease of its purchase, but as for the nutritional value of the product, overdoing the consumption of waffles is not worth it. 100 grams of the purchased product contains approximately 4 grams of protein, 62 grams of carbohydrates, and 30 grams of fat. The remainder is actually equally divided between dietary fiber and water, and the caloric value of 100 grams of purchased waffles exceeds 500 kcal.

Among the advantages of eating waffles is the fact that the high-calorie, high-carbohydrate product can quickly replenish the amount of energy in the body needed to perform any work. At the same time, people who are overweight should better avoid this sweet treat, because the filling can be very high in trans fats and various chemical additives, which can cause significant harm to the body. And it is one thing when you make waffles at home by yourself and can replace the harmful fudge with fresh fruit, and another thing is to buy the product.

In order not to doubt the high quality of the product, it is better not to take waffles by weight, to learn their composition will be virtually unrealistic, because it is unlikely that the seller will go to look for a box with the composition specifically for you. Packaged wafers from popular manufacturers, who care about their reputation and popularity with consumers, are another matter.

What parameters to pay attention to when buying

After understanding that waffles can really be useful and you can safely take them with you as a snack, you should pay attention to the following rules of purchase:

  • The shelf life of waffles without toppings reaches 90 days, and with fondant, toppings are reduced to 25 days;
  • the packaging of wafers should be tightly and hermetically sealed;
  • the wafers should be palpable in a characteristic shape inside the package, not crumbled or broken;
  • read the composition of the product and look for reviews on the Internet for new items;
    shelves with waffles should be away from heaters and ventilation systems;
  • the maximum allowable storage temperature for waffles is 20 degrees;
  • the waffle box should not be covered in oil or dust.

Definitely pass a verdict on the quality of the waffles can only be made by smelling and tasting them, but to smell and see the sealed waffles in the package is not possible until you come home.

Nevertheless, you may well demand a refund from the seller for spoiled or low-quality goods, if you have detected a delay on the day of purchase.

Choosing high-quality waffles is not that difficult, the main thing is to know where to buy them and make sure to stock up on sweets at home. This is greatly helped by the company Turbo, which guarantees delivery of favorite sweets within 15 minutes. Its range of wafers includes Svitoch, Delser, and Italfood – high-quality and time-tested brands.

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