How to Cover Up a Hole in a Jacket or T-Shirt: 3 Proven Ways

If you accidentally snagged something or burned it with a cigarette – that’s no reason to throw away your favorite clothes. There are a few tips on how you can hide this flaw unnoticed by others.

How to camouflage a hole on a T-shirt, sweater, or jacket – options

Despite the fact that the trend for ripped clothing continues to be actively present in the fashion world, there is a big difference – things were torn on purpose or ruined accidentally.

  • Put a patch

This is the most popular and easiest way, which was used by our mothers and grandmothers. You need to choose a piece of fabric of the same type as the torn thing, wash it, and the clothes that will be repaired. Then turn the damaged piece of clothing inside out, put the patch facing the hole, and sew it onto the garment. After that, you need to make countersunk stitches, and when the process is over, you will only have to cut the protruding threads and iron the patch. By the way, this method is ideal for jackets, coats, and down jackets.

If you smoke and after a bad break with a cigarette think about how to mend a cigarette hole in sports pants, we advise the following method:

  • take a cloth, cut from it a strip half the width of the burned pants, the height – the diameter of the hole;
  • put the patch on the damaged area, and fix it with English pins;
  • sew the patch to the fabric.

Such a simple method will help you quickly hide from prying eyes any unwanted holes in your clothes.

  • Darn

Darn is only suitable if small holes were formed on things that arose as a result of washing in the machine. Jackets or coats cannot be resuscitated in this way. The most important thing in this process is to choose the thread so that it fits the fabric. After you find the right ones, turn the thing inside out and use stitches to close the hole. Observe how the stitch looks from the front side – it should not be visible. At the end of the process, fix the thread on the wrong side, so that the seam will not spread when you wear the garment.

  • Use polyethylene or fleece.

This method is successful for reanimating jackets and down jackets made of polyester. You need to find a tape of fleece, a scrap of fabric the same color as the jacket, and gauze. You will also need a hot iron. If you can’t find fleece lin, you can use a plastic bag – the result will be the same.

The algorithm of action is as follows:

  • The jacket should be turned inside out and put on a flat surface;
  • Rip open the lining and find the problem area;
  • Cut a piece of fleece or polyethylene in size slightly smaller than the patch;
  • connect the edges of the tear on the hole;
  • attach the fleece (plastic bag);
  • put gauze on top and iron.

Sometimes it happens that jackets or down jackets are burned with cigarettes – then the patches should be put not only on the wrong side but also on the front side. You can glue a thermal applique on top to hide the patch. By the way, this is another handy option for repairing clothes. Note that the applique should never be glued directly to the hole – it will only increase in size, as there will be nothing to hold it back.

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