How to Grow Lettuce on a Windowsill: Easy and Profitable Sprouts for Beginners

Even beginners in the gardening business can grow lettuce on the windowsill because this culture is undemanding to care for and requires even less attention than a house flower. In addition, this way you can save significantly because in the store lettuces are very expensive.

How to grow lettuce on the windowsill from seeds

  1. First, buy lettuce seeds in an agro-store or at the market. If you do not know the varieties – just buy any early-maturing lettuce. Cress grows well in apartment conditions – it does not need insulation and fertilizers.
  2. Select a container for the seeds – it can be separate plastic cups, peat pots, or any containers, or boxes.
  3. At the bottom of the container put small stones or pebbles – this will be drainage.
    In a container, pour a special substrate for lettuce from the agromagazin or ordinary garden soil. Fill the container with soil for 2/3 of the volume.
  4. If you grow lettuce in individual cups, put one seed per cup. In a large box, make furrows with a 15 cm width between them and plant the seeds 5 cm apart. Lightly sprinkle the seeds with soil and gently press the soil down with your hands.
  5. Spray the soil with a sprayer.
  6. Cover containers with plastic wrap to keep moisture underneath. Leave enough space between the earth and the cling film to prevent the seeds from sprouting. Leave the lettuce for 3 to 4 days under the film.
  7. Once a day, remove the foil for half an hour, so the seeds “breathe”.
  8. After a few days, the first sprouts will appear. At this point, remove the foil and cut off excess sprouts if they are growing too close. The excess sprouts can be transplanted into separate containers – they will take root well.
  9. After that, put the lettuce in a sunny place and water it 2-3 times a week. Also, spray the leaves with a sprayer. After 2 months, you will be able to harvest.

How to grow lettuce from a root

It is possible to grow lettuce at home without seeds. If you bought an iceberg in the store with part of the root – do not throw it in the trash. Cut off the leaves of the lettuce and put the root in a container of water. When doing this, make sure the leaf cut should be above the water. Prick the lettuce several times with a toothpick on the side so that it gets better saturated with water.

Leave the container with the lettuce root on the windowsill for a couple of days. Already on days 2-3, the root will blossom young leaves. After that, the lettuce root is transplanted into the soil and cared for in the same way as the grown from seed. Don’t forget to water the lettuce 2-3 times a week.

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Written by Emma Miller

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