How to Plant Winter Onions in October: A Rich Harvest is Guaranteed

Winter onions are onions that are planted in the fall and left in the ground to overwinter. Onions are among the crops that survive the winter in the soil. If you plant this vegetable now, you can harvest it in early summer.

Where to plant winter onions

It is recommended to plant winter onions in a land where grains, zucchini, corn, peas, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and cabbage previously grew. You should not plant winter onions in a plot after beets, carrots, and radishes. Onions can be grown in the same place no more than 2 years in a row.

When to plant onions for the winter

Onions are planted in windless and clear weather when the ground is dry. Winter onions should not be planted during or immediately after rain, or they will freeze and rot in the soil.

How to prepare winter onions for planting

For planting, buy special varieties of onions that can be planted for the winter. The varieties “Centurion” and “Stuttgart” are well suited. Re-select the planting material from the rot. If the bulbs differ in size – sort them into the same size groups. Winter onions do not need to soak – they are sown dry.

How to prepare the plot for winter onions

It is recommended to plant winter onions in the soil, where no stagnant water is formed – in the southern plots and hills. Onions prefer loose and breathable soils. A few days before planting, it is recommended to loosen the soil and fertilize it with superphosphate or hummus. But it is not necessary to water the soil before planting.

How to plant onions for the winter

For planting, dig furrows 5 cm deep. Then plant the bulbs at a distance of 6 cm from each other. Cover the furrows with dry soil. After planting, the onions are not watered.

Until spring, winter onions are not fed, and watered only in a prolonged drought. After the onions frost, it is advisable to sprinkle the bed with onions with fallen leaves, spruce branches, or sawdust. If the winter is snowless, the onions should be covered with agrovolok.

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