How to Store Beets for the Winter in the Cellar or Apartment: 7 Proven Options

Beets – a useful and unpretentious vegetable that can be grown even in harsh conditions. It does not require much attention, but when ripe, pleases with both taste and useful properties. All the time to go to the store for beets is inconvenient, much easier – to create a small vegetable store at home.

How to store beets for the winter in the cellar – tips gardeners

Cellar or basement – the most suitable place for such a vegetable. The temperature there is kept in the range from 0 to +2º C, and the humidity level does not allow the root vegetable to freeze. It is especially important to ensure the right conditions during the first two months of storage, otherwise, the tops will start to sprout, and this will affect the preservation of beets.

The important condition is to place the root crop no lower than 10-15 cm from the floor.

How much you can store beets in the cellar in boxes

The most suitable are compact containers with holes – plastic or wooden. You can put in the boxes only beets or mix them with potatoes, laying an even layer on top. Potatoes need a dry environment – in a humid environment they spoil quickly, and the beets “draw” excess moisture from the vegetables.

How to store beets in the sand

For this method, too, boxes are used, only not empty. Root crops should be put in containers and poured over wood ash or sand. If you use sand, then first fire it, so as not to get an infection. Experienced gardeners say that river sand is best for this method.

As an alternative, you can use table salt. “Salt” beets in boxes or dip the roots in a salt solution, dry them and put them in storage.

How to store beets for the winter in the cellar on a shelf

One of the easiest options is to lay beets in “pyramids” on shelves. Only the surface needs to be covered with straw or burlap. In doing so, make sure that the root crops do not come into contact with the walls of the cellar or the upper shelves.

How to store beets for the winter in bags

This method is suitable if you have a small basement or cellar and there is not too much space. The main rule is to put the bags not on the floor, but on wooden racks or bricks. One bag should not contain more than 40 kg of beets.

Where to store beets in the apartment – reliable places

It often happens that the dacha is far from the house, and there is no cellar at all. Then the storage of beets in the city apartment – is quite an acceptable option. It will probably not be possible to maintain them all winter, but 3-4 months is a realistic period.

How to store beets on the balcony

This option is suitable only for those people who have a glazed balcony and are protected from frosts, in which case the beets will be preserved until the spring. Root crops should be placed in a box with sand and leave a warm blanket next to them.

If it is cold on your balcony and there is a possibility of freezing vegetables, then insulate the boxes with Styrofoam.

How to store beets at home without a balcony

In order to prepare vegetables for the winter and ensure their preservation, find a cool, dark place in the apartment away from batteries. It is better to use all the same boxes with sand or sawdust.

You can also store beets in the refrigerator if you wrap each fruit in parchment or foil. In this form, they can be stored for 3-4 months without loss of taste.

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