Vinegar, Peroxide and Milk: What To Do if An Item is Shrunk After Washing

Sometimes even the most experienced housewives encounter a problem – they take things out of the washing machine, and they suddenly turn out to be two or three sizes smaller than before. This happens because of the wrong washing mode or unsuitable detergents.

How to stretch a piece of cotton – recommendations

If after washing you find that your favorite cotton clothes have turned into a copy from “Children’s World”, quickly use the recommended means to restore it:

  • Towel – lay clothes out on a flat surface covered with a towel, roll them into a tube, gently press and unroll, and then lightly pull off the shrunken garment.
  • Cold water – soak the thing in cold water for 20-25 minutes and leave it to dry horizontally.
  • Vinegar – rub the saturated clothing with a sponge soaked in 9% vinegar, hang it on a hanger, and leave it to dry.
  • The secret solution is to dilute 3 tablespoons of ammonia, 1 tablespoon of vodka, and 1 tablespoon of turpentine in water. Soak the clothes for half an hour in this mixture, then rinse in clean water and leave to dry.
  • Milk – mix water and milk in equal quantities, and soak things in it for half an hour. Then rinse in warm water and dry on a towel.
  • Alternatively, take a hot shower in the satchel. High-temperature streams of water will work on the fabrics, and all you have to do is help – pull them in the right direction.

How to stretch a woolen thing after washing – tips

Shrunken woolen clothes – a common problem, when due to the wrong mode in the CMA favorite sweater can become several sizes smaller. In the case of wool, too, you can save the situation, if you know the tricks:

  • Vinegar – fill a bowl with warm water, dilute 1-2 tbsp of vinegar there, and soak the garment for half an hour, stretching it with your hands periodically. Then rinse the thing in clean water and leave it to dry.
  • Cold water – moisten the top of the sweater or dress with cold water, lay the garment on a horizontal surface, and pull the shoulders up. Secure it with something heavy and leave it overnight.
  • Peroxide – fill a basin with cold water and dilute 2 tablespoons of peroxide, soak the garment in the solution for 2 hours, and then leave to dry.
  • Hanger – rinse the garment in warm water and hang it on hangers, so that under the weight of the wet cloth the clothes can stretch a little.
  • Iron – set the minimum temperature and lightly steam the clothes.

In order that you do not have to stretch the shrunken clothes every time, carefully study the labels – there is information on how to properly wash this or that clothing. It is also important to remember that it is better not to wash things in hot water, so set the medium temperature in the washing machine.

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Written by Emma Miller

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