What to Feed the Pumpkin in August: 6 Fertilizers for a Rich Harvest

Pumpkin as a crop is very unpretentious and fruiting well in our latitudes. But with any fertilizer, the plant will be happy and will thank the gardener with a rich harvest.

You can fertilize the plant at the beginning of August to stimulate fruit growth. Pumpkin fertilizing is combined with watering – first watering with water, then fertilizing. But if the soil is wet after the rain, it is not necessary to water it.

Mineral fertilizer for pumpkin

Pumpkin fructifies well after the introduction of mineral fertilizers. You can buy them in an agro-store. The best fertilizers for this culture are superphosphate and potassium sulfate. But nitrogen fertilizers can be used only if the pumpkin leaves have turned yellow.

Wood ash

Ash is rich in potassium, which is necessary for pumpkin growth and also repels slugs. You can simply sprinkle the ash on the soil at the pumpkin’s roots or sprinkle it on the leaves. You can also prepare a 1:5 solution of ash and water and water the plants under the root.


Manure is excellent for enriching the soil and increasing fertility. Manure fertilizer is applied during the growth stage of young fruits. Dilute one bucket of manure with five buckets of water and leave it for three days. Then dilute the resulting infusion with five more buckets of water. Pour three liters of liquid under each bush.

Chicken manure

Place chicken droppings in the bottom of a bucket and fill it with water. Leave in a sunny spot and allow to stand for 3 to 4 days. Then dilute this solution with water at a 1:20 ratio. Water the pumpkins during the active growth stage of the fruit.

Herbal solution

Preparing fertilizer for pumpkins can be made from any herbs and weeds, but it is best to use nettles. It not only saturates the soil with useful substances but also repels pests.

The grass should be chopped or torn by hand, and fill a barrel or bucket in half. Then the container is poured with water up to the edge and left for several days under the sun. The resulting solution is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10 and water the pumpkin is under the root.

Solution of yeast and sugar

This is a universal fertilizer that can be used for any crop. Dilute 100 g of pressed yeast and 100 g of sugar in 10 liters of hot water. Let the mixture ferment for a week. Then dilute the solution with another 10 liters of water. Water the pumpkin under the root – one liter of water per bush.

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