What to Treat Apple Trees Against Rust and Other Diseases: 5 Useful Tips

The apple tree, like all other plants in the garden, is attacked by pests or various diseases. The causes may be different – thermal, mechanical, or any other, but they must be eliminated immediately.

What to treat apple trees against scab in summer

The first disease we are talking about is a scab. It affects apples and leaves, causing them to be covered with greenish-brown spots. Leaves affected by scabs wither and fall off first, and the fruit is left with characteristic flecks.

To quickly get rid of scabs, treat apple trees three times with Bordeaux liquid or copper chloride – in early spring, during flowering, and 2-3 weeks after flowering.

What to treat apple trees against powdery mildew

One of the most common diseases for apple trees, which affects leaves, fruits, buds, and in general all parts of the tree, except the trunk. The characteristic sign is a white plaque, which over time becomes cloudy and covered with black dots.

Experienced gardeners say that the affected shoots should be removed and burned, and the diseased plant is acceptable to treat with colloidal sulfur (80 g sulfur per 10 liters of water). When the tree blossoms, it is treated with a preparation of copper chloride. And after harvesting, the tree should be treated again with copper sulfate or liquid soap solution.

How to treat apple trees against moniliasis

The third disease that can infect apple trees is moniliasis. If it is, you will see brown spots on the fruit, which will increase in size over time. Later, a white circle with protruding fungal spores will appear. Such an apple will either fall or remain hanging on the tree and gradually turn into a mummy.

To prevent the appearance of moniliasis, spray apple trees in early spring with copper-containing preparations, during flowering – with Bordeaux liquid, and a month before harvesting – with a solution of iodine (10 drops per 10 liters).

By the way, if you are interested in the question of how to treat apple trees from rust, you can use the same recommendations for powdery mildew.

What to treat apple trees against cancer

An unpleasant disease that affects absolutely all parts of the apple tree – trunk, leaves, fruits and bark. Apples, in this case, are completely covered with spots, and the bark of the tree gradually dies off and falls off, instead of it on the trunk wound.

The only way to combat black canker is to cut out the damaged areas of the bark, clean them up to a healthy level, disinfect the wounds with a 5% solution of iron sulfate, and then lubricate them with garden varnish. For prevention, you need to spray the tree with Bordeaux liquid during flowering and a month after it.

How to treat the bark on the apple tree from neosporosis

A fungal disease that affects the bark of apple trees, due to which it withers and begins to fall off. Moreover, you can even see sores on some parts of the apples. Unfortunately, the age of the fungus is not a hindrance – its victim can become both a young and old tree.

An effective remedy against neosporosis is considered a solution of copper sulfate before flowering, then – immediately after it. As a preventive measure, at the end of summer, you can feed the tree with potassium and phosphorus – this will increase the resistance of the bark to various external factors.

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