Can I Drink Tea With Wine: Surprising Information About An Unusual Mixture of Drinks

While the weather is still quite cold outside, you always want to warm yourself up with something. Well, it’s not for nothing that such drinks are called strong. Today, Glavred tells you whether you can drink tea with wine.

What happens if you drink tea with wine

In general, experts agree that if you pour a little wine into freshly brewed tea, then both drinks will not get any worse. True, of course, if you observe the proportions. After all, if you pour 150 grams of wine on top of 50 grams of tea, you won’t get a normal drink. That is, there should be a priori more tea. And only then will the drinks complement each other and be very pleasant to the taste without astringency. Also, many scientists believe that when alcohol is added to tea, its healing properties are only enhanced.

So, the answer to the question “Can I drink tea with alcohol?” (with wine in our case) is simple – you can. After all, according to knowledgeable people, tea with white wine added to it is good as an additional antiviral agent. A cup or two of this mixture is very invigorating and energizing. That is, what a tired person needs after a hard work shift.

Further, tea with wine in certain circumstances will definitely help to cope with stress. If, of course, you don’t overdo it and drink five, six, or seven mugs of this drink, but limit yourself to a small amount, you can easily tone up your body.

Tea with alcohol recipes

Some recipes for making tea quite possibly allow the addition of a small amount of strong alcohol in addition to wine (for example, brandy, cognac, rum, liqueurs, sweet tinctures, or liqueurs).

But for special occasions, you can use the port, cahors, and red wine, and semi-sweet wine will do just fine. For one cup of 200 grams, you need to add about 20-30 grams of alcoholic beverages. And these strongest drinks need to be gently heated a little (and just a little and not for long, otherwise the alcohol will begin to evaporate and the beneficial effects of the drink will evaporate with them).

The effect of such a mixture on the body will directly depend on what kind of alcoholic beverage a person will add to the tea. For example, tea with cognac, brandy, and rum will tone up the body. And if you add tinctures, liqueurs, and wine, it will relax you. Tea with a major is generally revered as healing among the clergy in monasteries, and it is “prescribed” for a harsh cough and a strong loss of strength.

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