Can You Eat Quinoa Raw?

Quinoa, the healthy pseudo-cereal with its high percentage of vegetable protein, is becoming more and more popular with us – not only cooked, but also uncooked. We show that you can eat quinoa raw and how uncooked quinoa can enrich your diet.

Cooked or raw

Surely you know quinoa, which is pronounced “Kinwa” and which started its triumphant march from South America as a cooking ingredient for filling salads or bowls. It contains a lot of iron and magnesium as well as the essential amino acid lysine, which is mainly found in meat and fish in significant concentrations. An absolute plus for vegetarians and vegans! In addition to preparing it in boiling water, you can eat quinoa raw if you follow our rules.

Note: You do not tolerate gluten? Then quinoa is just what you need because as a so-called pseudo-grain it contains none of the intolerable wheat gluten and you can eat quinoa raw or, of course, cook it.

Prepare quinoa

If you want to eat quinoa raw, you should definitely pay attention to 2 things. With the following tips, nothing stands in the way of enjoying raw quinoa:

Peeled goods

When you buy quinoa from the supermarket or health food store, be sure to use the peeled ones. Although the peels are harmless to the body, at least in small quantities, they taste bitter and spoil the enjoyment of raw quinoa considerably. Uncooked quinoa can only be fully utilized by the body with all of its healthy components when the skin is removed. Otherwise, if the small grains are not chewed thoroughly, they will simply slip through the digestive tract along with all their valuable minerals.

Wash quinoa

Uncooked quinoa must be washed very thoroughly before consumption. This is the only way possible pollutants can be removed. We recommend rinsing it under running water at least 2 times if you want to prepare raw quinoa.

Prepare raw quinoa

Uncooked quinoa? You have no idea what to do with it? Not only does it taste great in a salad, but it can also spice up your favorite muesli for breakfast. If you want to eat quinoa raw, you can soak it in water for a while to soften it a bit. Puffing, similar to popcorn, but without the addition of oil, makes the small grains very tasty and you can eat quinoa raw.

Tip: We recommend that you roast raw quinoa in a pan with neutral vegetable oil for a few minutes. Simply a great, nutty aroma and a delicious change in your diet.

Is raw quinoa bad for your health?

A resounding no to the question of whether raw quinoa is harmful to your health. But that only applies if you follow the two rules “buy peeled goods” and “wash”. A large amount of unpeeled quinoa would not only not taste good, but the saponins it contains are only partially good for the body. If you forget to wash it, if you want to eat quinoa raw, you will eat any harmful substances that may be present. In the case of non-organic goods, in particular, double mopping is simply better.

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