Can You Freeze Applesauce?

Yes! You can easily freeze applesauce if you keep a few things in mind. Who does not know that? You need applesauce, for example for our applesauce muffins, and don’t need to finish the jar. Once opened, the mousse will only keep in the fridge for a few days. When you freeze applesauce, the shelf life is significantly longer, namely up to a year. Of course, you can also cook and freeze fresh applesauce. However, cooked applesauce can last up to a year if you store it in a cool, dark place. So if you ask yourself the question: “How can I preserve applesauce – freeze or boil it down?”, both are correct. The freezing method is particularly suitable for opened glasses or if you freeze them, for example, to make ice cream out of them later.

But how do I freeze the applesauce properly? You can simply freeze the bought or homemade applesauce in the freezer bag. Alternatively, a container made of glass or plastic also works. Many also recommend freezing in an ice cube tray. This is particularly useful if you often need small amounts of it, for example, if you freeze the applesauce to make baby food with it later. The following applies to all containers: Since the mush consists largely of liquid, it expands when it freezes and should therefore have the space to do so. So do not fill the jar completely and only loosely screw the lid on until the contents are completely frozen. The cover can then be tightened. Then everything should work. Once thawed, store the mash in a cool place and consume it quickly. Basically, like some other food, applesauce can be frozen twice if you follow a few rules.

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