Can You Freeze Meatballs? You Have To Take That Into Account

Freeze meatballs: No problem with these tips

In principle, you can freeze any food – including meatballs. You can freeze meat meatballs as a whole ring, but then you have to defrost it as a whole. It is better to divide the meatballs into portions beforehand.

  • You can then easily freeze these portions. Since freezer bags are usually quite large, it would be unnecessary to use an extra bag for each small portion. If you wrap the individual pieces in cling film, you can freeze them all together in a bag. They can easily be removed individually.
  • Close the freezer bags carefully and squeeze out as much air as possible beforehand. This reduces the risk of freezer burn.
  • Meatballs do not keep as long as other foods when frozen, but only about four months. It is best to note the date on the frozen food.
  • Vacuum-packed meat meatballs keep in the freezer for a little longer, around six to eight months. Incidentally, this can also be done without a device, as you can read in our guide.
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