Coffee Before Breakfast? Study Shows Amazing Result

A cup of coffee before breakfast gets many people going. However, a recent study shows the amazing effects of drinking coffee before your first meal.

After getting up, many people go to the bathroom and then to the kitchen – first of all, have a hot cup of coffee. Especially after a non-restful night, morning grouches hope that the black drink will give them an extra boost for the day. But a study by the University of Bath found out what can happen if we drink coffee on an empty stomach.

Study: Coffee on an empty stomach is unhealthy

Scientists from the University of Bath investigated the influence of caffeinated drinks on our metabolism. Physiologists gave 29 healthy men and women coffee in the morning for a limited period. The subjects drank on an empty stomach and thirty minutes later were given a sugary drink. During the night, the men and women were awakened every hour to experience a restless night. The result? Shocking for any coffee drinker.

Coffee on an empty stomach: This is how the caffeinated drink affects blood sugar levels

The study concludes that drinking coffee on an empty stomach and after a restless night increases blood sugar levels and makes it difficult for the body to regulate. About the fact that the sugar content in the blood influences hearts disease and diabetes, the physicians point to the far-reaching consequences of these findings.

However, the study, which was published in the “British Journal of Nutrition”, also shows that a restless night alone does not affect blood sugar levels. Previous studies had suggested that.

First breakfast, then coffee

The subjects’ blood tests showed that drinking strong black coffee before breakfast increased the blood sugar response to breakfast by about 50 percent. Previous research had indicated that caffeine potentially causes insulin resistance.

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