Cooking Bananas Against Sleep Problems – That’s How It Works

Banana as a sleep aid – that’s why it’s well suited

  1. First, we’ll tell you why a boiled banana can help you with sleep problems:
  2. Bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium, both of which contribute to the relaxation of the body. Magnesium is particularly important so that the muscles and nerves can relax properly.
  3. Magnesium also contributes to your sleep being calmer and you can fall asleep much more relaxed.


Cooking bananas against sleep problems – that’s how it works

  • Now that you know why a banana is good for sleeping problems, read below how to prepare it properly:
  • First, buy good bananas that are a good size if possible. Usually, one banana is enough in the evening, but if you have very small bananas, you should use two. Be sure to use organic bananas as you will be preparing the banana with the skin on.
  • Using a sharp kitchen knife, cut off both ends of the banana. The cut pieces should be about an inch wide. Then wash the banana thoroughly.
  • Now put the banana in 500 milliliters of boiling water. There you let the fruit cook for about ten minutes. Then pour the boiled water through a fine sieve into a glass or cup. Once it is lukewarm, you can drink it and then go to bed.
  • Tip: The drink tastes even better with a little cinnamon and refines it with a pleasant note.

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