Cut Mushrooms – That’s How It Works

Cut mushrooms – you have these options

If you harvest your mushrooms yourself in the forest, the question always arises as to how to remove the mushrooms correctly. There are two procedures and opinions differ as to which is the correct one. In one variant, the mushrooms are turned out of the ground, and in the other, they are cut. However, all the experts agree on a third variant: the mushrooms are generally not torn out of the ground.

  • Cutting off mushrooms is a time-saving option. It is important that you have a very sharp mushroom knife at hand. Also, always cut the mushrooms as close to the ground as possible to avoid damaging the mycelium.
  • If you then want to prepare the mushrooms for consumption at home, you have several options: Take a sharp kitchen knife, place the mushroom on a cutting board and chop it up. With a larger amount of mushrooms, however, this is relatively time-consuming and it is difficult to get really fine slices.
  • In specialist shops, you can get special mushroom slicers that are constructed similarly to egg slicers. Alternatively, you can use a sturdy metal egg slicer for a different purpose.
  • For more extravagant dishes that you would like to refine with particularly fine mushrooms such as truffles, a correspondingly fine mushroom slicer is recommended, although not necessary. Use this to chop the mushrooms into extremely fine slices. However, these cutting machines are not cheap and are therefore only worthwhile if you use them regularly.

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