Cut Pak Choi – That’s The Best Way

How to properly cut pak choi

Pak Choi is a healthy cabbage vegetable with a very mild taste.

  • The stems are significantly harder than the leaves. Because of this, it takes a little longer to cook.
  • If you take this fact into account when cutting the vegetables, they will be cooked evenly during preparation.
  • First, remove the outer leaves of the cabbage. Then cut off the bottom part of the stalk with a sharp kitchen knife.
  • The individual leaves can now be easily separated from one another and cleaned thoroughly under running water. Then dry the pak choi with kitchen paper.
  • Then separate the green leaves from the thicker, light-colored stalks. Cut the stalks into smaller pieces. You can chop the softer leaves a little more coarsely.
  • You can steam pak choi in a pot or fry it in a wok. In any case, put in the firmer stems first and only a short time later the softer leaves. Tip: Pak Choi harmonizes very well with the passion fruit.
  • In this way, you can be sure that the pak choi has an even, pleasant consistency and tastes really delicious.

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