Planting Pak Choi – That’s How it Works

You can plant pak choi with seeds or pre-grown plants from the nursery. The vegetable is also called mustard cabbage and originally comes from China and Japan. With a little gardening skill, the Pak Choi also thrives here.

This is how it is possible to plant Pak Choi

Pak Choi is a leafy vegetable and looks like Swiss chard. It has fleshy stems and can be eaten raw in a salad or fried. You can easily plant the vegetables yourself.

  • You can sow Pak Choi directly outdoors or in a cold frame. Alternatively, you can prefer the plant in the apartment and then put it on the bed.
  • Only plant pak choi when temperatures are moderate. Early August is the best time.
  • The optimum germination temperature is 15 to 22 degrees. If it is warmer or colder, the plants will start to shoot and will not grow as desired.
  • Choose a sunny or partially shaded spot for planting pak choi. The soil should be nutrient-rich and loose.
  • If you sow pak choi directly outdoors, prepare a bed. Sow the seeds evenly. Cover the seeds with soil about two centimeters.
  • If you prefer plantlets, sow individual seeds in seed pots. After two to three weeks, the vegetables will appear. Put the seedlings outdoors when they have the first real pair of leaves. The distance between the individual plants should be 30 centimeters on all sides.

How to care for pak choi plants

Pak Choi does not need much care and is ready to harvest just four weeks after sowing.

  • Water pak choi regularly. Make sure that there is no waterlogging.
  • Pak Choi does not need any extra fertilizer. He is satisfied with the nutrients from the soil.
  • The vegetable belongs to the cruciferous family and should therefore not be grown again in the same location for at least three years.
  • Lettuce, leeks, and carrots are good neighbors for pak choi. Other types of cabbage should not be in close proximity.
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