Dispose of Fryer Fat – You Have to Pay Attention to That

Dispose of fryer fat: Here’s how

If you like to fry with fat yourself, the fryer fat is left over after the food is prepared. Here’s how you can dispose of it.

  • Do not dispose of old fryer oil down the drain. Otherwise, your pipes can become blocked and damaged, and the process in the sewage treatment plant can be made more difficult. In addition, you harm the environment.
  • Instead, it is best to collect the fat and then take it to the recycling center. In some municipalities, fryer oil must be handed in at the hazardous waste disposal site.
  • You can also dispose of the old fryer fat in normal household quantities with the residual waste. In some municipalities, this is also possible with organic waste. However, you should find out in advance whether this is allowed in your area.
  • If you first collect old fryer oil in a plastic bottle, you can dispose of it in the residual waste.

Reuse fryer oil

You don’t have to dispose of your used fryer oil right away. With a few tricks, you can also reuse them.

  • The smoke point can be reduced by food residues in the fryer fat. If you then use the fat again, the food can quickly taste burnt. You should therefore filter used fryer oil if you want to use it again.
  • Only start filtering when the fat has cooled down (approx. 50° C) and has almost solidified again. This way you can reduce the risk of burns.
  • First remove larger food residues from the fryer fat, for example with a trowel.
  • Place a metal strainer on a heatproof bowl and line the strainer with kitchen paper.
  • Carefully pour the fat through the sieve once it has cooled sufficiently.
  • You can then pour the fryer fat into mason jars and seal them airtight.
  • Note that if you use filtered fryer oil, you can carry over the flavor of the previously fried food to the new food.

Then you should no longer reuse old fryer fat

If you filter your used fryer oil, you can reuse it a few times. But even that doesn’t last forever. At some point, you should definitely discard the fat.

  • You can filter and reuse the fryer oil two to three times. Then you should dispose of it.
  • Once you have filtered the fryer oil, you can store it for up to four weeks.
  • You should dispose of the fryer oil at the latest when it starts to smell bad.

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