Do Not Reuse Empty Ice Cream Cans

Who does not know it? The ice is empty and the ice box becomes the new lunch box or serves as a Tupperware replacement. But we should let that be in the future.

Actually, it is not only practical but also sustainable to reuse the empty plastic packaging of the ice cream. But the Verbraucherzentrale Bayern e.V. warns against this, because it harbors risks.

Why you shouldn’t reuse ice cream cans

Empty ice cans should not be reused. Sabine Hülsmann from the Verbraucherzentrale Bayern e.V.

It is therefore not suitable for further use, for example by freezing other foods in it or heating them up in the microwave. But why?

Sabine Hülsmann: “Chemicals can migrate from plastic packaging into food.” And nobody wants that. Although manufacturers are obliged to comply with legal limit values, this cannot be guaranteed if single-use packaging is reused. For the simple reason that we misuse them. Because heat in particular affects them and promotes the transfer of chemicals into the food.

These cans are more suitable

The material is decisive when choosing the can. Greasy foods are better kept in steel, porcelain or glass. Even when it is hot, no chemicals can penetrate the food here. They are also suitable for dishwashers and are odorless and tasteless.

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