Superfood Spirulina: Effect And Application

Spirulina is the ultimate superfood. The blue-green algae is usually consumed in powder form and is particularly popular with athletes. Find out here how you too can use the healing power of superfoods!

Spirulina contains more protein than meat, egg or soy and is therefore very popular with athletes – but the superfood also has some advantages for us “Nomalos”. The green powder is said to have numerous positive effects on health and beauty.

Spirulina: superfood from the sea

Spirulina algae love warmth and direct sunlight – they grow in shallow, warm water like salt lakes or tropical lagoons. The blue-green algae get their typical, strong green color from the chlorophyll they contain. Spirulina is very undemanding to breed, which is also used by the industry and which actually creates exotic superfoods in large quantities in our drugstores, organic supermarkets and pharmacies.

After harvesting, the algae are dried and then ground into powder. This is then either sold directly or filled into capsules, processed into tablets or pellets. Gentle processing is important in order not to destroy the valuable ingredients.

This is the effect of Spirulina

In addition to a large amount of high-quality, vegetable proteins, spirulina contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, iron, potassium, selenium and numerous vitamins, especially from the B complex. Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium make spirulina a real power food!

Spirulina is said to have a positive effect on allergies, since the substances it contains are said to inhibit the production of histamine in the body. Allergies and hay fever are alleviated in the long term. The power algae are also said to have a positive effect on cancer prevention and strengthening the immune system.

In the beauty world, the blue-green algae is touted as an anti-aging miracle: the antioxidants it contains are said to work against free radicals that damage the skin. In addition, the chlorophyll it contains is said to cause more red blood cells to be produced, which in turn means that the body is better supplied with oxygen and the cells can regenerate faster – which has a positive effect on skin and hair!

And the superfood is also said to help with weight loss! The alga is said to have an appetite-suppressing effect, which is why it should always be taken shortly before meals.

Spirulina shake or bowl: This is how you can use the blue-green algae

Since spirulina is the ideal dietary supplement for vegans (due to its high protein content), the alga is more popular than ever. Spirulina powder is often mixed into shakes or smoothies, so the somewhat unusual, somewhat “musty” algae taste is covered with sweet fruits. The trend drinks are particularly popular on Instagram, probably also because of the unusual green color.

Spirulina powder is also used for rich breakfast bowls. Simply stir in some yoghurt or fruit puree and decorate with any toppings. That gives you power for the day!

Local superfood alternatives

Spirulina, chia seeds and co.: Although they are rich in nutrients and are absolutely trendy, superfoods are often criticized because they often have to travel long distances before they reach us. Manufacturing, often in poor countries that have water problems (such as growing avocados in Mexico), is also undesirable. Here you can see which superfoods you can use as an alternative:

  • Flaxseeds, walnuts or hemp seeds instead of chia seeds
  • Buckwheat instead of quinoa
  • Barley grass instead of spirulina
  • Lingonberries instead of cranberries
  • Blueberries or elderberries instead of cocoa beans

In general, most local vegetables such as cabbage, onions and garlic can score with real superfood qualities, for example broccoli has been proven to have a cancer-inhibiting effect.

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