Dried Pineapple – a Tasty Snack

The pineapple is a plant of the bromeliad family. There are well over 100 different varieties, but only a few of them are of importance for commercial cultivation. While fruits intended for fresh consumption are usually harvested unripe and then continue to ripen during transport, it is advantageous for dried pineapples if the fruits are ripe when harvested. Only then have they reached their full sweetness and full nutritional content. They are dried, cut into rings or pieces, in large ovens with a supply of warm air. With dehydration, the fruit loses moisture and its percentage of sugar increases, making it sweeter but also keeping it longer.


The pineapple is native to South and Central America, but is now grown in many tropical areas. It was spread worldwide by the Portuguese in the course of colonization. The first pineapple plants came to India around 1550. Even before the end of the 16th century, the tasty fruit was cultivated in most tropical areas


Dried pineapple is available all year round.


Pineapples have a unique scent and taste that is made up of 130 aromatic substances. The dried fruits taste sweeter and more intense than the fresh ones because the concentration of sugar and flavorings increases as a result of the dehydration during drying.


Dried pineapple is great for snacking between meals. It is also suitable for pastries with dried fruit. In muesli, they are a great substitute for fresh pineapples, which make dairy products bitter because of the bromelain enzyme. Also delicious for making your own muesli bars and as an ingredient in a fruit salad. Check out our pineapple recipes for more fruity ideas.


It is best to store the dried fruit in a cool (7-10 °C) and dry place. Storage in the refrigerator is not recommended because the humidity there is too high. Closable, opaque cans are best.


If stored properly, dried pineapples can be kept for up to 2 years. Sulphurised fruit has a longer shelf life than unsulphurised ones. The warmer the storage location, the shorter the shelf life.

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