Eating Sprouting Potatoes: Is It Healthy?

You’ve probably wondered whether you can still eat sprouting potatoes. You can read in the article whether you should rather throw away potatoes when small shoots have already formed or whether they are still edible.

In this case, sprouting potatoes can be eaten

Potatoes form small sprouts sometime after storage. Read here whether these are harmful to your health or whether you can still eat the sprouting potatoes without hesitation:

  • Basically, you don’t have to throw away potatoes that are already sprouting.
  • You can use them as long as the small sprouts are less than a centimeter in length and the surface of the potato is otherwise hard and smooth. Cut away the sprouts generously and use up the remaining potato.
  • If the potato is already shriveled and soft, has a lot of green spots and the sprouts are very long, you should not eat them but discard them.
  • Background: The substance solanine is produced in the potatoes through sprouting. This is slightly toxic. If the sprouts of the potato are not yet pronounced, the solanine concentration is harmless.
  • Too much solanine in the body can cause symptoms such as vomiting, a feeling of fullness, a rash, breathing problems, or even hallucinations.
  • Tip: Store your potatoes in a cool, dry, and dark place to prevent premature sprouting. A jute bag with an apple is also a good storage place so that potatoes stay fresh for a long time.

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