Edible Fish: Varied Enjoyment From Salt Or Fresh Water

Whether from the sea or freshwater, edible fish enrich the diet with a delicious, healthy component. We will introduce you to local and Mediterranean fish species and tell you how to prepare them.

A healthy treat for the palate: edible fish

Fish fingers and salmon fillet have been on the plate before, but cod, carp, eel, or pike? There is often reluctance when it comes to fish meals. These are just as valuable edible fish as the usually frozen goods. Domestic edible fish such as trout are often cheaper, available regionally, and fresher than saltwater edible fish that have traveled halfway around the world. With sea bass, for example, environmentally conscious consumers make sure that it comes from organic farms located in Europe. Also, learn about overfishing if you want to enjoy sustainable fish. Then nothing stands in the way of the frequent enjoyment of popular edible fish such as salmon, cod, or Alaska pollock.

Edible fish from the Mediterranean and the North Sea

Mediterranean cuisine in particular knows numerous delicious fish recipes with grilled or fried whole fish or fillets. Fresh herbs, vegetables, and olive oil perfectly complement the meal for the health-conscious. A crispy sea bream, a pollock, and vegetable gratin or fried sardines in a herb coating: here you can feast in many different ways and you won’t run out of recipe ideas. You should also try edible fish from the North Sea, such as herring, plaice, sole, or cod: good things are really close at hand here. A simple, tasty way to prepare for novice cooks who are trying whole fish for the first time is salt-coated fish. The fish is wrapped in a thick bed of salt and baked in the oven. The result is wafer-thin, aromatic, and juicy meat.

Freshwater edible fish: carp, pike, trout, and Co

If you would like to taste fish from the region, there is a large selection. You can get wonderfully fresh fish from the nearest breeding pond or directly from the angler – it is not uncommon for you to be able to choose the fish yourself. The wide range of preparation options means there is no chance of boredom. There are pike recipes for the grill, the pan, the oven, or the vacuum bag: everyone will find something! Trying carp is not only worthwhile at Christmas. The aromatic fish also enriches the menu in other ways: How about breaded or deep-fried carp? You can easily bake trout whole with lemon slices and herbs. Other popular freshwater fish are brook trout, perch, and zander.

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