Fennel: Effect, Taste And Recipe Ideas For The Green-White Tuber

Fennel is considered a culinary controversy: you like it very much or you don’t like it at all. Regardless of the aniseed taste, the positive health effects of fennel are undisputed.

Fennel: effect on the body in check

In many a hospital, the scent of fennel tea wafts through the corridors – and makes some people’s mouths water, others shudder inwardly. The aniseed aroma is polarizing, but as a medicinal plant, fennel has an effect on the intestines that relieves bloating and flatulence. This beneficial effect is just right when exercise to relieve the digestive organs is not possible. The fennel fruit is often combined with herbs that increase the antispasmodic and digestive effect: Fennel-anise-cumin tea is a tried-and-tested home remedy that also relieves tummy ache in babies. The essential oils of the plant also help with cold symptoms – they loosen mucus in the bronchi and clear the airways. In this context, also read which home remedies are still suitable as expectorants.

Beauty products for the skin and weight loss aid?

In naturopathy, a calming, strengthening effect of fennel on the skin is also mentioned. Used both internally as a tea and externally in the form of face packs or steam baths, the fleshy tuber or fennel seeds are said to serve as a beauty elixir. However, there is no scientific proof of effectiveness here, this also applies to the milk-forming effect of fennel tea and the supporting effect when losing weight. In this context, it is better to save the money for fennel capsules and fennel tablets.

Application of fennel and delicious dishes

In general, the completely natural use of fennel is usually sufficient for the effect on health. This also rules out an overdose. Like any other medicinal plant, fennel can have side effects. In particular, people who suffer from hay fever and pollen allergies should be careful. If that doesn’t apply to you, you can usually try our delicious fennel recipes to your heart’s content. The great thing about the tuber: it goes well with almost all other foods and provides important nutrients such as vitamin A, folic acid and potassium. How about a fennel casserole or a fennel and apple salad? There are many possible uses – be inspired by our suggestions and benefit from the positive effects of fennel on your health!

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