Freeze Potatoes – You Should Pay Attention to That

Freezing raw potatoes – is not a good idea

When you freeze raw potatoes, they change shape and taste. Therefore you should avoid it.

  • When potatoes freeze, their cell structure is destroyed. Once you thaw them again, they look bulky and mushy.
  • The inside of the potato also changes as a result of the frost: it loses its color and becomes glassy.
  • Lastly, the flavor of a potato suffers from freezing. The starch contained is converted into sugar. Frozen raw potatoes, therefore, taste unusually sweet after thawing.
  • If you buy fries, croquettes, or other deep-frozen potato products, keep them deep-frozen as they have been industrially shock-frozen. Since you hardly have these options at home, you should use purchased products.

Process the potatoes first and then freeze them

If you boil potatoes before freezing or prepare a soup from them, you avoid the sweet change in taste. Potatoes are often left over after eating and don’t last forever.

  • Boil potatoes before freezing cut them into small pieces, or freeze leftover potatoes from lunch. Although their shape changes after thawing, the taste remains the same.
  • It is best to use leftover potatoes to prepare a dish, such as soup or mashed potatoes, before freezing. These finished dishes do not show any changes in taste even after defrosting.
  • If you cut boiled potatoes into small pieces, you can make mashed potatoes from them very quickly after defrosting.

Alternative ways to store potatoes

Basically, you should avoid freezing potatoes. It damages form, and taste and is also a burden on the environment.

  • Many chest freezers use a lot of electricity and are therefore not very environmentally friendly.
  • It is best to store potatoes in a dark, dry place, such as in the basement.
  • Potatoes are well protected in special storage jars and can be kept for several months even if they are not frozen.
  • Only cook as many potatoes as you will use when eating. Leftover potatoes can be used up in the evening or the following day if you store them in the fridge. They are ideal for a casserole or the preparation of fried potatoes.

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