Freezing Sauerkraut: This Is What Happens With the Lactic Acid Bacteria

Freezing fresh sauerkraut: This is what happens with the lactic acid bacteria

If you want to cook the sauerkraut anyway, then there is nothing wrong with freezing the fresh sauerkraut.

  • The advantage is the longer shelf life of the food. The downside is the loss of healthy lactic acid bacteria.
  • These are good for your gut. But they are only 100 percent present in uncooked and non-frozen herbs.
  • If you freeze sauerkraut, this kills 50 to 90 percent of the lactic acid bacteria.
  • The same loss occurs during cooking.
  • If you cook the sauerkraut after defrosting, this loss of lactic acid bacteria is not so tragic. Because the heat from cooking also kills the healthy bacteria. The same thing happens with the cold in the freezer.
  • You only benefit from the healthy lactic acid bacteria in sauerkraut if you eat the food raw.
  • Nevertheless, you do not have to do without freezing or cooking sauerkraut. You can do this with peace of mind. In addition to the lactic acid bacteria, sauerkraut contains numerous other healthy micronutrients such as minerals or vitamin B12. These are not destroyed by freezing.

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