Glutamate As A Trigger Of Obesity

Various scientists attribute the weight problems of many people to excessive glutamate consumption. Glutamate stimulates growth control in the brain and at the same time creates an artificial feeling of hunger.

Citric acid as a preservative

Artificial citric acid is used as a preservative in many industrial foods. Citric acid is said to be able to transport aluminum into the brain and also to be massively eliminated the development of tooth damage.

Aspartame can cause cancer

Scientists attribute nerve cell-damaging effects to the sweetener aspartame. It is said to be involved in the development of Alzheimer’s. A toxicologist from the University of Kiel has shown that aspartame can be involved in the development of cancer. Scientists have listed the substances formaldehyde and methanol as toxic decomposition products of aspartame, which can lead to serious health problems.

Some studies even show that there is a connection between the increased consumption of aspartame and the occurrence of brain tumors. The relevant studies can be found in our text on aspartame.

Sulfurized products are poison for our intestines

There are species of bacteria that feed on sulfur. Sulfur is used in the food industry to produce wine, dried fruit, or mashed potatoes. Aggressive sulfur bacteria nest in the intestines with appropriate nutrition. Since they are able to eat away at steel, it is easy for them to also damage the intestinal walls and puncture them bit by bit. Some researchers see it as the main cause of numerous intestinal diseases.

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