Gross Restaurant Mistake: You’ve Always Got This Wrong

How to avoid unsavory restaurant mistakes

  • It starts with the table, no matter how clean it may seem to you. Most of the time, the service staff quickly wipes the various tables, chairs, and other things with a rag. Ultimately, everything is usually only superficially clean. The countless bacteria are distributed all around and are not visible to us with the naked eye. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.
  • Let’s continue with the menu. Of course, everyone picks them up to find out about what’s on offer. Accordingly, countless bacteria, possibly even germs, are on the menu.
  • When the food is finally in front of you, you shouldn’t necessarily reach for the cutlery straight away if it was previously on the table. Ask the waiter for new cutlery. But you should also clean this beforehand. It is best if you have the appropriate sanitary towels with you. Use this to clean your hands and then the cutlery before you use it. There should even be contemporaries who basically always have their own cutlery with them.
  • If you order drinks, you should expressly avoid the lemon slice that is obligatory for many drinks. The peel of the lemon is usually not cleaned.

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